Local Rules & Etiquette



Temporary Local Rules:-  As at 6/6/22

As of 7/6/22, preferred lies are on until further notice - 

within one card length no nearer the hole in general area

 (i.e. areas that were called "through the green")


      Posts, ropes, and sign to direct traffic on the golf course are to be treated as immovable obstructions per Rule 16.1.

·         GUR areas on the golf course may be defined by white stakes, ropes and/or painted lines.  ALL new trenches and earthworks are to be treated as GUR. GUR relief may be taken at the nearest point of COMPLETE RELIEF NO NEARER THE HOLE. Players may then drop their ball within ONE CLUBLENGTH of that spot NO NEARER THE HOLE. 

·         Relief may be taken from exposed matting in the bunkers if it interferes with the player’s ball or swing.  No penalty applies and relief must be taken within 1 club-length of the nearest point of relief, within the bunker, no nearer the hole

·         When a ball has been struck into the hazard on the 17th, an optional drop zone exists on the tee side of the hazard within two club-lengths of the hazard per Rule 17.1

         (Other temporary local rules may be found in the Pro Shop)

Permanent Local Rules:-

·         Competition eligibility – In order to be eligible to win any Young Golf Club competitions, all players must be current financial members of a golf club with a current GA handicap and Golflink Number.

·         To be eligible to win any major Club Competitions such as honour board events, Championships, Monthly Medals, Open Tournaments etc. all players must also hold current amateur status.

·         Out of Bounds – All boundary fences, the carpark, stakes off to the left side of the 15th hole, and the clubhouse surrounds define “Out of Bounds” per Rule 18.2.

·         When interference by a staked tree occurs to a player’s stance or swing, relief MUST be taken without penalty within one club-length of the nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole.

·         A ball resting in a clearly visible wheel track, may be treated as an abnormal course condition per Rule 16.1

·         A ball resting on a cart path may be treated as an abnormal course condition per Rule 16.1.  Cart paths are defined by timber borders, pavers, gravel, road base or other material laid down expressly for golf cart traffic.

·         The defined area surrounding the rocks on the first fairway and the garden area in the rocks on the 18th hole may be treated as an abnormal course condition per Rule 16.1

·         Course fixtures, signs on course, hazard pegs & distance markers are immovable obstructions per Rule 16.1.  In addition, as a LOCAL RULE ONLY, line of sight relief may be obtained from any sign or distance marker on the course and from any sprinkler head within two club-lengths of the green unless it is clearly unreasonable to play the ball per Rule 16.1.a

·         Distance markers on the course measure to the centre of the green.

        A player must mark their opponent's cards and not their partner's card.

·         Relief may be taken from bee hives if there is a clear danger.



·         Please restrict motorised cart use as much as possible and limit to one cart per two players. Please keep all motorised vehicles at least 5 metres from the edge of all greens.

·         Keep up with the group in front.  If possible, allow faster groups to play through.

·         Dress regulations apply on the golf course e.g. enclosed shoes must be worn & NO singlets.

·         Rangers regularly patrol the course.  If you haven’t paid your green fees or if you do not comply with the rules of the course, you may be asked to leave the course immediately.